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Group Past Life Regressions

$25-40 per person

2-3 hours

For a fun and unique way to explore past lives and gain access to life-changing information, book a private group regression with Amanda. This option is great for events, conferences, retreats, parties, festivals, and more. Group regressions are a great way to experience past life regression in a lighter state of trance, and provide a glimpse into the type of insights that can be uncovered in a deeper, one-on-one QHHT session.


During the group regression, participants will explore their past, meet their Guides, and gain access to information that will transform their lives. A group regression is a perfect opportunity to begin exploring past lives in a fun, calm setting and to share the experience with others in the group. 


For private group regressions, there is no maximum number of participants. Sessions can be held at a home, any location of your choosing, or online/virtually. The most important factor is that the space be quiet, with minimal outside noise/distractions.

Pricing for a private group regression starts at $200 for the first 5 participants, and $25 for each additional participant. If you are looking for a shorter session (less than 2 hours), pricing is flexible. Simply submit an inquiry describing what you have in mind, and we will figure it out together!

To request a private group regression or learn more about this unique and transformative experience, fill out the form on the booking page or email


To join a public group regression already being hosted by Amanda, please check back later for upcoming session dates or use the booking & contact form to request one.

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